Different Engine Types Available


At Brooklyn Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, we are dedicated to our customers' satisfaction, whether that means providing a wide selection of new and certified pre-owned Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Chrysler vehicles, or sharing our extensive automotive knowledge. One of the many questions our customers ask us revolves around the different types of engines, and what exactly makes them different.

When you purchase a car, you typically have an option of a four-cylinder, V6, or V8 engine. Larger vehicles tend to have V6 and V8 engines, while smaller cars typically use four-cylinder engines. The larger the engine, the greater the number of cylinders equipped. 

Some drivers make the mistake of equating more cylinders to higher quality. While this may be the case for drivers who prioritize power and towing capability, it isn’t for those who prefer to have a vehicle that can stretch out their hard-earned gallon of gas. When our customers ask us which engine type is superior, it truly depends on your driving preferences. 

Select vehicles even offer the best of both worlds, for instance, the Jeep Renegade sports a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. While this may seem small when compared to the other vehicles in the Jeep family, this smaller Jeep SUV can carry its own regarding off-road power without sacrificing fuel economy.

Whether you prioritize fuel efficiency or power, our vast collection of vehicles at our Brooklyn Dodge dealership is bound to satisfy. Our sales team can help you determine which engine type works best for you and set you up with a test drive today. At Brooklyn Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, we are always excited to share our knowledge and help you fulfill all your automotive needs. 

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