Importance of Vehicle Fluids


Winter is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your vehicle's fluids checked at our Chrysler dealership near Queens, NY. More than ever, engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid are important for staying safe during less-than-ideal conditions. 

Engines run best when oil levels are high and the fluid is clean. The purpose of oil is to lubricate the various moving parts of the engine in your new Jeep® Cherokee or RAM 1500. Over time, grime can build and cause damage from abrading and weakening the very parts it’s meant to protect. Worst case, if the fluid level gets too low or dirty, an engine could seize and stop functioning.

Windshield wipers are a basic car part, but they are an integral piece of equipment in which your safety might depend! In winter, salt used to melt ice on the roads mixes with the snow that others’ tires kick onto your windows, creating a film that can completely obscure your vision. Unless you rinse the windows repeatedly with the wipers, you won’t be able to see. Your windshield wiper fluid stands between you and clear sight on the road.

The auto parts center at our new and used car dealership serving Staten Island knows that the most important part of the brake system is the fluid. Brake fluid activates the mechanism to stop the wheels. It’s important to check the integrity of the brake lines for leaks and the levels to make sure there is an adequate amount.

Prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter by making sure you have the right levels of fluids that are refreshed and new. On those cold, snowy days, you’ll feel confident that your car is ready to drive all around Brooklyn, NY.

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