How to Change a Flat Tire

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We’ve all been there, stuck on the side of the road, with a flat tire. Flat tires can be incredibly frustrating and can upend any driving experience. Sometimes caused by wear and tear, other times caused by roadside obstacles, flat tires are relatively common, so it’s a good idea to learn how to best change them.

First things first, after you’ve popped a flat you want to find a safe location to swap your spare. You should never attempt to change a flat tire in a narrow shoulder, as you can put you and your car at unnecessary risk. Once you’ve pulled over, remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts that hold your wheel into place. After the lug nuts are well loosened, position the jack beneath the vehicle, and raise the vehicle about six inches off the ground.

With the vehicle raised, remove the lug nuts, and pull off the busted tire. Next, mount the spare tire and tighten the lug nuts by hand. Once you can no longer turn them by hand, lower the vehicle, and tighten them again with a wrench. Afterward, replace the hub cap, and be sure to check the air pressure of your spare; the last thing you want to do is pop a spare.

After you’ve replaced your busted tire with a spare, we recommend you head to a trusted Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Chrysler parts and service center to have the tire repaired if possible. Our service team at Brooklyn Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM will go above and beyond to ensure all of your technical automotive needs are met and can get your tire out rolling on the road again in no time. 

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