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What Services Will EVs Require?

There are many reasons to consider purchasing an alternative energy vehicle, like an electric car. They have a lower environmental impact, and you can save big on fuel costs. You can also save time and money on maintenance and service since electric vehicles require less care.

Here are just a few service and maintenance tasks your electric vehicle will need less often, if they need them at all.

  • Oil Changes: Internal combustion engine vehicles rely on oil to function. Oil lubricates the engine and keeps the parts cool, which reduces overheating. Since you’ll have an electric motor in your electric vehicle, you won’t need to worry about oil changes.
  • Fluid Fill-Ups: Oil isn’t the only fluid in your internal combustion engine vehicle that won’t be found in electric cars. Some electric vehicles require no transmission fluid at all, and EVs use significantly less coolant over the course of use than gasoline models.
  • Brake Pads: Typically, you’ll need to get your brake pads replaced every 30,000-70,000 miles. Electric vehicles save energy with regenerative braking, which also reduces the amount of pressure put on the brakes. You’ll have to replace your pads less often in an EV than a gasoline model.

These are just a few of the service tasks that you can skip or reduce when you purchase an EV model. Come down to Brooklyn Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM for alternative energy vehicles and service you can rely on today.

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